About Us

Proforma Corp is a business solution and management company. They offer tailor-made and effective solutions and programs to businesses that need help getting to the next level or getting their systems and operations running better. Proforma Corp offers a wide range of solutions for almost any area in a business. Their programs can focus on management processes, financial records, HR, computer systems, etc.

Each company that makes use of Proforma Corp receives a thorough evaluation of their systems and processes. They evaluate all systems or only the ones the company feels need attention. They then take their findings and draw up a tailor-made program that will be implemented within the company over several weeks or months. They keep monitoring the changes and progress until the problems are fixed and the new systems can run without supervision or training.

Proforma Corp has had hundreds of successful business solution plans implemented. All their clients have shown improvement in their targeted processes and they all have reported an increase in productivity and financial gains. This is what Proforma Corp aims for. They want every client to have great success and experience effective processes and systems.

If your company needs a make-over or some systems need to be added or changed, contact Proforma Corp today to book your consultation and evaluation. They guarantee you will see an improvement in your company once you have implemented a Proforma Corp business solution program.